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November 7, 2008
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Mosquito Pokemon by JoshKH92 Mosquito Pokemon by JoshKH92
Ok, Brace yourselves - This is gonna be a long one:)
This is my Mosquito Pokemon - Mosqeedle, he is pretty basic being solid bug type and common in the wild, However; he is very unique in that he has 4 baby forms.

By evolving one of these baby forms into Mosqueedle - he also gains their type(Poison, Dark, Water or Flying) and learns relevent attacks to this type.

But there's a catch - these baby forms cannot be caught in the wild - so mosqueedle must be bred whilst holding the Poison, Dark, Water, or Flying DNA item. This would be obtained by visiting a travelling doctor with one of these types in your party; He would extract the DNA and put it in your bag, DNA Types that do not affect mosqueedle could be sold for a reasonable price.

The small circles next to the babies shows what colour the normally white parts on Mosqueedle would turn if evolved from each (Eyes, Antenna, Syringe, Body Markings and Wingtips)

Obviously - Mosqueedle is based off a mosquito (With a syringe Head) - the baby forms are based off a bloodworm, mosquito larvae, Midge Larvae and Fungus Gnat Larvae.


Baby Form 1(Red Dot) - Poisorm - The Poison Larvae Pokemon
Type: Poison
Ability: Wriggly - Super Effective Attacks are more likely to be evaded.
Name Meaning: Poison-Worm
[Evolves at lvl 15]

These tiny pokemon are often used as fish bait - their only defence is to squirt a blood red chemical at foes.


Baby Form 2(Green Dot) - Lugnat - The Dark Larvae Pokemon
Type: Dark
Ability: Wriggly
Name Meaning: Lunar-Gnat
[Evolves at lvl 15]

It lives on cave roofs - clinging on with the mouth on its belly. It dangles a sticky thread to catch prey.


Baby Form 3(Blue Dot) - Larvater - The Water Larvae Pokemon
Type: Water
Ability: Wriggly
Name Meaning: Larvae-Water
[Evolves at lvl 15]

It lives underwater, breathing through the tube on its tail. They huddle together for safety.


Baby Form 4(Yellow Dot) - Midgair - The Flying Larvae Pokemon
Type: Flying
Ability: Wriggly
Name Meaning: Midge-Air
[Evolves at lvl 15]

They cling to branches with the mouth on their head. The lump on their back contains developing wings.


Stage 1: Mosqueedle: The Mosquito Pokemon
Type: Bug/ (Poison, Dark, Water, Flying)
Ability: Swarm
Name Meaning: Mosquito-Needle

These pokemon are quite common and have different types. They will grasp prey with the teeth on their legs, then drain nutrients with the needle on their face.


Pheww!!! sorry about that:(

These are Copyright to me. Please do not steal.
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I think it should just be Bug in the wild or something like that.
It is just bug in the wild
Ult-NightFury-25 Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
one word; kickass
Velocibomber May 20, 2011
Very nice. I just love how Mosqueedle looks. I haven't seen a concept quite like this before. Great work on the shape of the body. I'd probably get either a bug/water or bug/poison one.

If I may ask, are it's legs leeches?
Thanks :) Its legs have like.. mini teeth so it can grip on to its prey
pokeguy19 May 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SO does thtat mean the ones in the wild have all the white parts white? or is the color randomized each time?
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